Fellowship program

Resolve Philly is excited to open applications for our year-long fellowship program. This program is designed to support an early-career person’s original idea relating to Resolve’s approach to community- and solutions-informed journalism.

This fellowship program supports a person over the course of a calendar year for 15-20 hours each week, paying $20 per hour. The fellowship begins June 1, 2023 and ends May 31, 2024. While at Resolve, fellows will be able to collaborate directly with our staff and leaders to execute this project and receive professional development and project management guidance as well. While deeply collaborative, this fellowship is very self-directed. Resolve will serve to amplify and support this work. It’s important to us that our fellows be the ones who have ownership over their work and be able to bring it with them throughout their careers as they see fit.

Want to know what past fellows have done?

Our first fellow, Madison Karas, created a guide to help reporters introduce transparency to their interviews with community members. You can check out her work among the many resources Resolve offers to journalists and newsrooms.

Applications close on Nov. 30, 2022 at midnight.

This fellowship application process will have several phases to it, all of which we’ve outlined below so you can know what to expect from this process.

  • Phase 1 (You are here) — Resolve has opened a call for submissions from anyone interested in completing a fellowship. This call for submissions will ask for basic application materials like your contact information and a resume as well as a response to some questions. Our goal with these questions is to understand your elevator pitch for a project and how it will fit amongst Resolve’s work.
    • We will communicate with all applicants as to whether we will move forward with their applications. Those whose applications are continuing through the process will be asked to complete Phase 2 of the process.
  • Phase 2 — This is a much more in-depth application that will ask you to further develop this idea. We’ll have a form that asks questions like how you plan to spend your time as a fellow, more details on why Resolve is the organization to incubate this work, and other things that will help you put together a full project proposal.  A version of these questions and prompts are already available ahead of time for anyone to peruse or use for this application or others.
    • We will communicate with all applicants as to whether we will move forward with their applications. Those whose applications are continuing through the process will be asked to complete Phase 3 of the process.
  • Phase 3 — Virtual or in-person interview with the Director of Data + Special Projects and other members of Resolve’s staff. This is an opportunity for us to ask some questions we may have about your application and work style, as well as a chance for you to learn about what it’s like to work at Resolve and share with us about yourself that may not be reflected in the application materials. At this point we will also ask for references we can get in touch with who can attest to what it’s like to work with you.
    • After Phase 3, we will select whose project we will move forward with and communicate with all remaining applicants what our decision is. At this point the application process will be complete and you will begin the preparation and onboarding process to work with Resolve.

What detailed info are we after?

The second phase of the application is a much more in-depth process that will ask you to further develop your idea. We’ll have a form that asks a version of the questions below and attaches your answers directly to your initial application.

It is important to us that you know Resolve will not use or attempt to claim ownership over any materials you submit in the application process. These are your ideas, and while we hope to incubate and amplify these awesome projects, they ultimately belong to you. We will keep it secret, we will keep it safe. Especially at the application stage, we will maintain a practice that ensures your ideas will not be copied or shared with others not involved with the application review process without your permission or knowledge.

  • What initiative or department at Resolve most aligns to your project and why?
  • What would you need to do each week to carry out your project?
  • Who would your audience(s) be, and how do you want them to interact with your project when it's done?
  • Who are the community/newsroom/external partners you would want to work with? What would that look like?
  • What potential deliverables do you envision for your project?
  • What are the values driving this project — and why do you want to incorporate them into your project?