2022 Annual Report

Resolve Staff
2022 Annual Report cover

Our vision for the future remains clear: unfettered access to news and information that is representative, equitable, accurate, and oriented around community voices and solutions.

Notably, this year saw the kick-off of Shake The Table, Resolve’s third community-centered journalism initiative; the welcoming of Germantown Info Hub as part of the Equally Informed Philly initiative; and the launch of Modifier, our practice change and consulting enterprise. You can read more about each of these new additions on the coming pages. What we want to highlight as Co-Executive Directors about this expansion is how incredibly proud we are, not just of the work being carried out through these projects, but also the internal energy that went toward supporting this expansion. Our entire team invested a great deal of energy, time, compassion and intention to both ensure that GTown Info Hub was welcomed fully into our larger organization and to build internal systems that are enabling Shake the Table and Modifier to now flourish.

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