Nonprofit Lowdown: When a Black Founder Transitions

Imahni Moise
Resolve Philly Co-Founders Jean Friedman-Rudovsky and Cassie Haynes posed in front of a brick wall

“I am forever invested in Resolve’s work and the impact we’ve had and will continue to have—in Philadelphia and across the country.” - Cassie Haynes

In June of 2023, our co-founder and former co-executive director, Cassie Haynes, made the decision to step down from her role. Transitions in leadership hold the potential to significantly impact nonprofit organizations, especially when the departing leader is a person of color. 

Don’t miss the most recent episode of Nonprofit Lowdown, where host Rhea Wong is joined by our co-founders, Jean and Cassie, to discuss their remarkable journey in guiding Resolve Philly through a critical leadership transition, all while remaining steadfast in their commitment to the organization's mission of creating a more equitable and diverse journalism landscape in Philadelphia.

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