Resolve Philly Announces New Reporting Collaborative

Imahni Moise
pjc logo cream background

PHILADELPHIA, PA, October 24, 2023 - Resolve Philly proudly announces a new permanent name and brand identity for its news collaborative of 29 local newsrooms: The Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative (PJC). Evolving from the previous reporting project 'Broke in Philly,' PJC will address a broad spectrum of critical issues affecting the lives of Philadelphia residents.

The Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative will be dedicated to exploring the intricate web of issues that shape the lives and well-being of Philadelphia residents; with a focus ranging from education systems and urban design to technology integration and climate challenges, the newsroom partners will shed light on the unseen factors driving visible challenges in Philadelphia.

"We want to do journalism that answers questions our communities have that the news isn’t already working on,” said Eugene Sonn, Senior Director of Collaborations at Resolve Philly. “We look forward to building upon our established rapport with communities and understanding their information needs so that we are better able to produce stories that address what matters to them.”

With an unwavering commitment to amplifying community voices, PJC will continue to bridge the gap between communities and journalists, fostering inclusive and equitable news reporting and empowering residents with actionable knowledge to drive positive change in their neighborhoods. 

"We believe that the heart of impactful journalism lies in our ability to actively engage with the communities we serve," said Jean-Friedman Rudovsky, co-founder and Executive Director at Resolve Philly. "Our mission is not just to report stories, but to catalyze meaningful change and inspire informed action for a more empowered and engaged Philadelphia."

By prioritizing the information needs expressed by the community, PJC aims to provide clarity on intricate societal systems and equip residents with the resources necessary to create transformative shifts within their communities. Through this work, the collaborative aspires to be a catalyst for constructive change, consistently advocating for a more connected and informed Philadelphia.

This work is funded by the Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation Fund, the Wyncote Foundation, the Independence Public Media Foundation, and Spring Point Partners. For further information on the Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative, please visit