Resolve Philly’s Consulting Arm, Modifier, Announces New Speakers Bureau

Imahni Moise
Aubrey Nagle, Director of Practice Change at Resolve leaders an informative session

By expanding its expertise to speak on more than topics that impact newsrooms, Resolve hopes to highlight the layers of its work by sharing insight, skills, and experiences learned firsthand.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, April 11, 2023 - Modifier, Resolve Philly’s home for professional development and practice change, is further sharing its expertise through a new speakers bureau. This addition expands Modifier’s work which already includes supporting newsrooms, journalists, and organization leaders through community engagement, language and framing, strategic development consulting, and leadership coaching. 

While Resolve Philly staff are known to be experts on subjects like using human-centered and equitable language in the media, the organization is also available for speaking engagements on topics such as bringing product thinking to your organization and developing authentic, sustainable community engagement strategies. 

By expanding its expertise to speak on more than topics that impact newsrooms and journalists, Resolve hopes to highlight the layers of its work by sharing insight, skills, and experiences learned firsthand. Resolve’s Associate Editor of Community Narratives, Dio Roberson, exemplifies this approach. Roberson studied journalism as a means to find the voice to declare her own existence and empower others to do the same and is available to share all things learned through knowledge and lived experience as it relates to how to turn a personal story into a compelling opinion piece and how editors can work with community members to amplify their unique narratives.

“We’re excited to be able to expand our services to be more widely accessible to organizations and industries that can benefit from our work,” said Aubrey Nagle, Resolve’s Director of Practice Change, who is available to speak on topics such as language and framing in the news, content analysis techniques and media literacy principles for the digital age.

Modifier launched in October 2022 as a way for Resolve’s in-house experts to bring added value to the industry by sharing knowledge, insight, and the process of effectively establishing genuine, trust-based relationships with community organizations and community members. The consulting practice supports newsrooms and collaboratives nationwide through in-person and virtual trainings and workshops.

Organizations can engage with Modifier through the speakers bureau via plenary speeches and lectures, conference panels and workshops, internal professional development programs, and more. Services are available on a sliding scale, and  the organization will always offer pro-bono speaking engagements on a case-by-case basis, especially when requests come from community partners and ally organizations who do not have budgets for speaker fees.

About Modifier

Modifier is Resolve Philly’s home for practice change and professional development. Modifier supports organizations in navigating the challenges and opportunities of operational resilience and leadership development, language and framing, collaborative reporting, community engagement, and more. Our experts offer solutions, from in-person group trainings to free educational content, for organizations of all sizes and individuals seeking a range of skills.

About Resolve Philly

Resolve Philly is an unconventional journalism organization that challenges our industry to be more equitable, collaborative, and based in community voices and solutions. Resolve’s work centers on improving how misrepresented communities are covered—and served—by the media. We believe that in a time of widespread mistrust, political division, and industry upheaval, journalists must reconsider not only what they report but how they find, frame, and tell stories. Resolve has three programmatic initiatives— Broke in Philly, Equality Informed Philly, and Shake the Table—which all work in tandem to create informed and empowered communities.