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Tell us about your news outlet and how your work serves Philadelphia residents.
Next City is a nonprofit news organization covering solutions for more equitable cities. While we cover stories around the country, we are headquartered in Philly and share local solutions journalism through our monthly "Good Things Happen In Philadelphia" newsletter. By uplifting working, evidence-based solutions emerging from our city, as well as models in other cities that can be adapted locally, we aim to be a part of the movement for a more just Philly.

What lived experiences inspire/influence your work?
We are city dwellers, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, religious minorities and people from working-class backgrounds – people who have experienced gentrification, exploitative financial systems, housing instability, mobility issues, and other social issues. Our collective aim is to ensure that the leaders building our cities know that the solutions needed to create more equitable, just, sustainable and accessible communities aren't just possible – they're already happening.

Share a prediction on the future of local news.
Local news will begin to pioneer a new wave of strategic collaborative journalism, with resource- and skills-sharing that puts impact and audience engagement first.

What's the superpower of the Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative?
There's no competition – only collaboration and camaraderie!

What's your favorite water ice flavor?

Wit or witout?



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