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Resolve Philly has become the gold standard for local news collaboration. Our approach has been praised by the former Chair of the Pulitzer Prizes as a promising response to the collapse of the local news industry and our model has been replicated by more than a dozen reporting projects around the globe.

We believe that what’s made our model so strong and sustainable—as demonstrated by the high level of participation, energy, and commitment among reporting partners—is the equity at the heart of those collaborative relationships, workflows, and systems. Resolve Philly is excited to support in the development, implementation, or improvement of your collaborative relationships or reporting project, regardless of the shape or scope of that work.

If you are in the planning or development stage of collaboration, we can offer guidance and support on the equitable engagement of a range of partners to ensure maximum diversity, and then work with your organization to develop group processes and guidelines that center this value. If your collaboration is already off and running but you’re wanting to expand your partner base or you're finding equitable engagement/support of all of your partners a challenge, Resolve Philly can guide you building processes, tools, and capacity to meet your collaboration goals.

Other spaces where Resolve can offer expert support include group decision-making mechanisms, project management and communications best practices, defining and hiring roles for your collaboration, and tracking impact. We also have a wealth of resources and templates, from policy guidance to project management database templates that enhance editorial transparency and workflow.

Finally, we are eager to support those leading temporary reporting projects in building sustainable, collaborative, futures for their collaborations. We learned a lot from our own experience and know how overwhelming (and sometimes scary) the transition from temporary to not temporary can be. We are prepared to guide your collaborative project manager through this challenging time, centering your reporting partners and your community in the process. Examples of additional ways that Resolve Philly can support the equitable growth of your reporting collaborative: funder relationship management and communication, board development, support with navigating start-up operational considerations and decisions, budgeting, and staffing structures.