Shared Leadership

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Resolve believes deeply in the value of shared leadership and has seen the rewards of this approach pay great dividends. Cassie and Jean’s thoughtfulness in approaching and executing their own shared leadership enables them to support and guide other co-leaders as they embark on this journey. They have invested significant time and effort into transferable and adaptable systems for workflow, decision-making, and communication that will add value to any pair or group looking to equitably share leadership.

Resolve Philly is available to provide valuable support for co-leaders at any stage, whether you're transitioning from single executive leader to a co-leader situation through an open hiring search, or are a pair of co-founders building a news organization from the ground-up, or a director making space for another person already in the organization to share equal power.


The work together begins by aligning the co-leaders' goals, visions, and expectations of the work and relationship with one another. Through facilitated exercises and dialogues, Cassie and Jean enable the leaders to map out roles and responsibilities and lay a foundation for open and honest communication, particularly around decision-making. Also important in this stage is establishing the narrative that you want your team—and the public—to understand about your shared leadership.

Resolve Philly can support you in establishing highly intentional practices around communication, support, and workflow that lead to the successful implementation of your shared leadership model. Trust and confidence in one another and your systems are the foundation for lasting partnership at the helm of your news organization.

Shared leadership at “the top” is also an opportunity to build the values, practices, and ethos of shared leadership throughout your entire staff. Resolve views every staff member as a leader in their own right, and our language relating to our organizational chart reflect this. We have set up meeting and staffing structures that enable many elements of leadership, from public speaking on behalf of the organization to collaborative decision making (when appropriate), to be shared.