Your Board

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A meaningful investment In diversity, belonging, and the equity of your organizational structures begins and ends with your leadership team, which, for many organizations means your Board of Directors. Acknowledging the trauma and toxicity that is embedded in many board structures—of legacies and startups alike—Resolve opted to do things differently, and our board, staff, and mission have benefitted greatly from this decision.

Board members carry a huge responsibility within your organization. Cultivating new members is a great opportunity, but it's understandable if the process feels daunting. Resolve Philly can support you as you search for, welcome, and onboard new folks onto your Board of Directors. From best practices for approaching someone new, to clarifying the Board roles and responsibilities associated with YOUR specific governance structure, Resolve Philly can support you with tools, templates, and coaching to ensure that your organization's prospecting and orientation is effective, comprehensive, and easy to navigate.

The professional (and personal) development of your board of directors is a key element in optimizing engagement and ensuring that the talents of your board are being harnessed to their fullest potential. Professional development can happen through a number of different mechanisms and we're not just talking about (often boring and expensive) e-courses on fiduciary duty. Resolve Philly can assist your executive leadership in cultivating a Board culture that values development, personal and professional growth, and continuing education in the spaces adjacent to the mission and work of your organization. Ongoing self assessment is an important part of this. While there are many generic surveys available online for evaluating the effectiveness of your Board, Resolve Philly can work with you hone your operating principles and engagement expectations and design a custom evaluation tool that allows you to measure and track the success indicators that are aligned with your values.

The nuts and bolts of Board engagement, support, and management can be very daunting to even the most experienced news organization leader. Resolve can help! From succession planning to designing workflows and templates for meeting management to troubleshooting and offering solutions to communication challenges, Resolve Philly can assist your organization In building and sustaining a governance team that serves your organization—and its executive leadership—effectively, equitably, and on clearly communicated, mutually agreeable terms.