Your Impact

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Impact Tracking is a fundamental part of building an equitable organization. Now more than ever, your customers want to know about your organizational values, vision, and mission, but also how you define and track your progress towards those ends. It's no longer enough to develop a committee, run employees through a training, or donate to a cause...what real impact are those efforts providing your company, customers, and society? Being able to tell that story can be the answer to 'are we doing enough.'


Resolve Philly supports organizations in defining and tracking their impact through a number of mechanisms, including customizing and implementing an impact tracking database, and working with your organization to create an internal process and workflow to ensure impact tracking is set up for success and sustainability. Our goal is to make impact definition and tracking—all too often viewed as a struggle and hassle— a smooth and simple process built into workflows for the long term.

When it comes to defining impact, Resolve spends the time to intentionally define what we consider to be impact within all departments or initiatives and among all staff. This provides the foundation for our entire team to participate in tracking their impact and also helps facilitate how we communicate our organization’s goals internally and externally. At Resolve, we work hard to think about impact beyond the traditional newsroom definition which is often limited to macro, and by definition rare events, such as policy change as a result of reporting. Other kinds of impact we measure, for example, is whether our work helps people make more informed decisions in their lives or behavior change among our fellow journalists. With clients, we lead them through a process in which they can come to their own decisions about the impact they’d like to see beyond the industry’s traditional boundaries.


After impact parameters are established, we focus on tracking mechanisms. Resolve has built a replicable database template that is flexible, agile, and rigorous. This database is designed with change-management in mind and centers narratives and anecdotes as data, which then receive supplemental categories to help generate quantitative reports. Resolve’s impact tracking is designed to work in tandem with goals that are set both as an organization and for individual staffers. This gives the entire team the opportunity to visualize progress toward their goals.


Every industry and organization has different goals about the impact they want to make, but the need for knowing whether your efforts are making a true difference is universal.