Your Interns


Resolve Philly believes deeply that developing a strong, intentional, and multi-layered internship program provides great benefit to the individuals who chose to intern with us, to us as an organization, and to our industry at large. Our client support in this space is rooted in our own world-class internship program.

Interns at Resolve are paid $15/hour as employees rather than independent contractors and our academic-year interns are eligible for an annual bonus, when Resolve is able to give those out. We pay our interns as part-time employees rather than offering a stipend as an independent contractor, which reduces the financial and time burden on them. Our hiring process, which centers equity, considers the access barriers to a career in journalism. This has resulted in a specifically lightweight intern application process that focuses on mutual benefit.

Interns are expected to be at Resolve’s staff meetings encouraged to participate actively. Interns have access to the full team, including leadership, as they learn the ropes. Resolve’s interns are responsible for executing a set of daily and weekly tasks. Beyond that, Resolve’s interns take ownership of projects, working across our organization depending on their interests and on the skills they seek to build. This is a core component of our program because it not only means more valuable work experience, but also gives them a worthwhile end product that they can show off in future career pursuits.

Our interns participate in Resolve’s Cornerstone Team Support system, our unique personnel management system that allows every individual the opportunity to set personal and professional goals for their time with Resolve and beyond. Each intern has a regularly-occurring Cornerstone meeting with the intern program manager—in which the agenda is set by the intern. Cornerstones offer the chance for goal-setting, problem-solving, and thought-partnership from Resolve’s team with the intern in the driver's seat.

Resolve provides continued support and connections for former interns through exit interviews and an additional follow-up interview one year post-internship, ongoing access to Resolve staffers and leadership, an onramp to employment with Resolve, and community building.

Resolve Philly can support your organization in building a new or reimagining an existing internship program, harnessing the energy of your past interns to serve your mission, and investing in the personal and professional development of the future leaders just waiting to walk through your doors.