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The hiring process is the first opportunity to create an equitable experience for your staff—before they even join the team! Resolve can help you craft job descriptions and design and implement a hiring process that is welcoming, affirming, and speaks to a wide breadth of people with a range of professional and life experiences that uniquely qualify them for the position you are looking to fill. A hiring process rooted in equity and transparency, paired with efficient hiring practices, is key to ensuring that your team members are happier, that they stay with you longer, and that the relationships your organization develops with its staff are as mutually beneficial as possible.

Many onboarding experiences are frustrating and nerve-wracking, often leaving new employees feeling confused. Resolve believes that onboarding is an exceptional opportunity to connect with new members of your team, particularly when your team is virtual. From designing an onboarding program from the ground up to a custom template for an organizational wiki or other onboarding resources, Resolve is ready to assist your leadership team in building and sustaining the best possible onboarding experience for your future colleagues.

One of the most critical elements of your organization is your mechanism for team support. The traditional model of performance review is standardized and generally lacks clarity and transparency. They often happen annually, with few opportunities for employees to get a temperature read on their performance between reviews. This model is impractical for supporting the professional and personal development of colleagues. Resolve Philly has disrupted the practice of performance reviews, implementing a new team support system. Focused on goals, troubleshooting challenges, and leveraging development opportunities, monthly Cornerstones provide employees with the tools to drive their own success within your organization.

Built-in to cornerstones is regular goal-setting and tracking, which we know is important to long term success. Setting the goals, however, is only half the effective process. High-level strategic goals, as well as the more tactical mid-level and micro-goals, are all important elements when it comes to guiding decisions and staying focused through change, challenge, and organizational growth. Resolve can support you in developing and implementing a system for setting goals and tracking your progress—as a team and as individuals. This can, but does not have to, coincide with a project that iterates on your organization’s team support practices.

Other areas that impact your team where Resolve can add value: Meeting structures, benefits auditing and selection, and staff/board/leadership engagement surveys and evaluations.